Our Sourcing Standards

The work we put into sourcing our ingredients is one of the things that makes INBLOOM formulas so special.

We talk a lot about our high standards for ingredients, and how that drives our approach to sourcing the natural materials that go into our formulas. To go deeper, we have two basic criteria that guide our sourcing decisions: potency and sustainability.

Potency is crucial because when it comes to nutrition you need to know what you’re putting into your body. We derive all of our nutrients from whole foods, which increases the bioavailability of our formulas. But whole foods can vary quite a bit in terms of potency depending on where and how they were grown. Many other companies take their suppliers at their word that the materials they’re being sold are a) actually what they say they are, and b) at the nutrient potency levels they need.

Your trust and your health are too important to us to leave that information to chance. That’s why we do rigorous independent testing of everything that goes into our formulas - so we can be confident that the nutrients in our formulas will work with each other to create positive changes in your body.

And just as not all ingredients live up to our potency standards, the same goes for their sustainability. We’re extremely conscious of the impact we’re having on the earth, and have designed our company around the value of protecting and renewing the natural bounty of the earth. Therefore we look for materials grown with earth-gentle farming practices, and we avoid wild-harvested ingredients that are taken from natural ecosystems.

Frankly, our standards make sourcing the ingredients for our formulas much more difficult. But without these standards, we would not deserve your trust. That’s why we work harder every day, to make sure that the natural, full-spectrum, plant-based nutrition you’re getting with INBLOOM makes both your body and our planet a better place to live.