Recipe: Brain Flow Spicy Chai Tea

“It's like a breath of fresh air. After my chai, I'm ready for anything." - Kate Hudson, Founder

From Kate’s Kitchen to yours. You might just find your new early morning routine, afternoon energy boost, or evening wind down. 


—⅓ cup hot water

—1-2 slices fresh ginger

—1 chai tea bag

—2 scoops Brain Flow powder

—Plant-based milk of your choice

—Optional spices of your choice


1) Bring hot water to a boil

2) Place 1 chai tea bag and 1 slice of fresh ginger in a mug

3) Pour hot water in the mug and allow contents to steep for at least 5 minutes 

4) Remove tea bag and ginger, add 2 scoops Brain Flow powder

5) Whisk briskly with a bamboo whisk or electric frother until your Spicy Chai is mixed well 

6) Add a dash of warm, plant-based milk

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