Recipe: Dream Sleep Wind-Down Tea

We asked our INBLOOM team to share their "everyday faves" - simple ways they're using INBLOOM to add nutrition to their daily routine. Our head of customer experience Alexy relaxes at the end of her day with a warm herbal infusion.

"For me, an evening ritual really helps to transition from my day into a peaceful sleep. Just something simply for me, to put away everything I've been doing and thinking about. I can pick them up tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I can enjoy my warm tea and feel gentle and restful."

A tisane is an herbal infusion sometimes sweetened with sugar or honey. The florals and herbs in our Dream Sleep formula come to life in warm water as a harmonious, soothing way to wind down before bedtime.


  • — Hot water, milk, or plant milk
  • — Two scoops of Dream Sleep
  • — Slice of lemon (omit if using real milk)
  • — Honey to taste


  1. 1) Warm whatever liquid you've chosen to serve as the base of your tea
  2. 2) Spoon Dream Sleep into a mug and add lemon and honey (if you're including them tonight)
  3. 3) Pour your warm liquid into the mug and stir gently until powder and any honey is fully dissolved
  4. 4) If you've added a lemon, allow an additional minute or two for the lemon to infuse into your tea

Do you have a sweet dreams signature concoction? If you make Alexy's Wind-Down Tea post a picture and tag us @tobeinbloom.